Lower Beverley Lake Park
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Lower Beverley Lake Park
Park Rules & Regulations

Lower Beverley Lake Park Management Board By-Law # 2014-12/ Schedule A

We would like to welcome you as a guest to our beautiful park, and solicit your understanding that all guests must observe our park rules and regulations at all times.

  1. This park is a family camping facility and as such, staff reserves the right to refuse entry or use of park property and facilities
  2. Patrons must be at least 19 years of age in order to rent a site / cottage.
  3. A maximum speed limit of 15 KM per hour is strictly enforced throughout the park.
  4. Parking on any roadway in the park is forbidden. Roads are to be kept clear for emergency vehicles. The Highway Traffic Act regulations apply to all roads within the park.
  5. Only one vehicle per campsite and two vehicles per cottage will be permitted. All additional vehicles must pay the appropriate fee, display the receipt of payment on the windshield and be parked in designated parking areas only.
  6. Quiet hours are between 11:00 pm and 8:00 am and are strictly enforced
  7. Day visitors must vacate the park by 11:00 pm and all common areas are closed at 11:00 p.m.
  8. Curfew is 11:00 pm at which time all campers must be on their respective campsites.
  9. During the month of June and July, the beach will be closed at 10:00 p.m. The beach will close at 9:00 p.m. at all other times.
  10. The beach is open from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm daily. Campers use the beach at their own risk as it is unsupervised. Bathers must wear appropriate clothing at all times.
  11. Congregating in other areas of the park other than on a registered campsite during quiet hours (11:00 pm to 8:00 am) is strictly prohibited
  12. It is the responsibility of patrons to ensure that their overnight guests are registered with the office.
  13. The conduct of children and guests on a campsite or in a cottage is the responsibility of the registered site holder.
  14. Children under the age of 12 shall not be left alone or unsupervised in the campsite at any time.
  15. Camping permits must be displayed on your campsite at all times. Moving from site to site is not permitted without the prior approval of Park Management.
  16. All campsites consist of one fire pit and one picnic table.
  17. A total of two units may be placed on each site which may include any combination of a trailer, a tent, a dining tent or a gazebo. Maximum number of persons per site is 6. In special circumstances, permission may be granted by Management to place an additional unit on a site for short term usage.
  18. All motorized vehicles must display the camping vehicle permit at all times. The permit must be shown at the gatehouse upon subsequent entry to the park. All vehicles must stop at the gatehouse on entry to the park.
  19. Alcoholic beverages are permitted on registered campsites only. The drinking or possession of an open container of alcoholic beverage in any other area of the park is prohibited.
  20. While fire pits are provided as part of the campsite layout, fires are only permitted in conditions and during times as dictated by the Township of Rideau Lakes Open Air Burning By-Law which prescribes the precautions and conditions under which fires may be set in Open Air.
  21. Campfires are to be lit in fire pits only measuring 2ft. x 2ft. x 2ft. and must be attended to by an adult at all times. All fires must be extinguished prior to retiring or leaving the site. Roaring fires are not permitted. The burning of end cuts, pressure treated wood, pallets, railway ties, plastics or other construction material is not permitted.
  22. Pets must be kept under control and on a leash at all times. Pets are not to be left unattended at the campsite for extended periods of time and should not continually bark or howl as to interfere with the normal enjoyment of other campers. Pets are not allowed in the beach and playground areas.(Pets must be immunized and cleaned up after as a strict “stoop and scoop” policy is in effect throughout our park.)
  23. Possession and/or use of firearms and/or fireworks are prohibited.
  24. The riding of bicycles or motorized vehicles on the nature trails is prohibited as is the removal of materials, flowers and other articles from their natural habitat.
  25. Bicycle riding after dusk is not permitted unless the bicycle is equipped with both front and rear lamps.
  26. Small watercraft and/or a watercraft trailer may be stored on your camping site provided it does not interfere with the enjoyment or safety of campers, visitors or staff. Docking facilities are for boats registered with a permit (charge applies).
  27. Recycling is encouraged. Clear plastic bags are available free of charge at the Gatehouse. Plastics (#1-#7), aluminum / tin cans, and all glass are all to be placed in one bag while paper and cardboard articles are to be bundled. Bags may be deposited at the Maintenance Area depot. Recyclable materials are not to be burnt in campfire pits.
  28. Refuse (non-recyclable materials) is to be put out in clear bags only. Clear bags are available free of charge at the Gatehouse and should be the only bags used for refuse in this park. Refuse materials are not to be burnt in campfire pits.
  29. The cutting of trees or defacing of property is strictly prohibited. This includes nailing or affixing articles to trees, park facilities or hydro poles.
  30. No commercial business or vendor may conduct any transactions on park property without the expressed written permission of management.
  31. No campsites or cottages may be rented for the purposes of subletting to a third party.
  32. Excessive drinking, vulgarity or creating a disturbance will not be permitted. Anyone making loud noise or causing an annoyance may be evicted from the park without a refund. In severe cases, Management will issue a “Notice of Trespass” against offenders.
  33. The watering of lawns and roads, washing of vehicles, trailers and boats using park water during the peak season is prohibited.
  34. The operation of a generator is only permitted at a field site. The generator is to be a small unit which does not create excessive noise while under load.
  35. Satellite dishes are permitted providing they are installed within the site boundaries.
  36. Campsites must be kept clean and free of debris at all times.
  37. Clotheslines shall not exceed six (6) feet in total length and high enough as to not pose a safety hazard. Limit only one six-foot clothesline per site. Dryers are available in the Laundromats.
  38. Grey water shall not be dumped onto the ground in any location. Grey water is to be contained within onboard trailer facilities. Grey water is defined as water, with any additions that is disposed of on a regular basis and that originates from showers, laundry and kitchen/washroom sinks.
  39. The uses of any refrigerators / freezers on campsites or at cottages which are in addition to the existing furnishings of the unit are prohibited.
  40. Propane tanks used within the park can be no greater than 30 lbs.
  41. Fish must be cleaned in the designated area at the Fish Cleaning Station and any remnants must be disposed of in the waste receptacle provided.
  42. Swimming pools shall not be installed on campsites. A swimming pool refers to any privately owned outdoor body of water which is contained by artificial means and is capable and intended of being used for swimming, wading, diving or bathing.
  43. Playground equipment designed for personal home use shall not be installed on campsites. Lawn swings are excluded.
  44. Patrons are reminded of the 9 km/hour speed limit for the Mill Creek as identified in the Boating Restriction Regulations of the Canada Shipping Act.
  45. As mandated by Provincial legislation, smoking is prohibited in all facilities.
  46. Unless pre-authorized, the use of any off-road vehicle or any other unlicensed vehicle including but not restricted to dirt bikes, all terrain vehicles, mini bikes, scooters, and golf carts, within the boundaries of the park is prohibited unless the use of said vehicle is for improving the access of a physically impaired or disabled person.
  47. The operation of enhanced vehicular or stationary stereo systems, as described in the Township of Rideau Lakes By-Law which regulates noise is prohibited.
Updated: October 2017

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