Lower Beverley Lake Park
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Lower Beverley Lake Park
Park Rules
SCHEDULE B - Additional Seasonal Site Regulations

Lower Beverley Lake Park Management Board By-Law #2014-12 Schedule B


Trailer Safety Requirements

  1. All seasonal trailers must have CSA and RVIA standard approval and certification and the owner must provide proof of same to Park Management upon request. Following CSA approval, any changes to the trailer or motor-home will require an update or re-certification of CSA approval.

  2. New trailers must be in an undamaged condition and shall be of a hard walled type. All new campers must have their units positioned in a location where the tow-tongue/hitch faces the nearest roadway. Existing campers may maintain the status quo until such time as the trailer is relocated.

  3. Park Management must approve the replacement of any seasonal trailer as to ensure that the unit is compatible with the site size and capabilities.

  4. Insurance Requirements
  5. All seasonal campers must carry a minimum coverage of one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) in general liability insurance.

  6. General Requirements
  7. Seasonal campers must remain in accordance with the following Policy Statements.

  8. a. Policy Statement #01: Attachments to Trailers

    b. Policy Statement #17: Care and Maintenance of Seasonal Sites

    c. Policy Statement #18: Storage of Recreation Vehicles, Trailers & Accessories

    d. Policy Statement #26: Automated Gate Entrance Procedures

  9. All proposed outdoor work and / or projects must be pre-approved by Park Management prior to any construction taking place. This includes the adding of soil, cutting or planting of trees or the spreading of gravel.

  10. Burying electrical cables from the power supply to the trailer is not approved. All electrical connections are to be made above ground with approved 15/30 amp cables and connectors.

  11. Wood piles must not interfere with drainage or access across a campsite and they should be piled in a fashion that is appealing to the eye. (Maximum size of 2'wide x 4'long x 2' high).

  12. Air conditioners are to be shut down when the trailer is not in use for an extended period of time.

Updated: September 2014

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